A biref introduction about this project

I spent a lot of time on this projet ever since 2008 when I was just a college student. At very first I tried to get some data and do some very simple calculation on SqlServer. Then I started working on Adobe Flex, with Flex I got some very beautiful UI components, but very low efficieny for calculation and rendering. Then I tried to use C# to fetch data and ASP.net for displaying, not bad, but still not good enough. Finally as my computer techonology becomes more and more mature, I had a very good solution by using AngluarJS, nodeJS and mongo, and that's it, as you see right now.

I'm a hard working man. It was not easy to work on this project on those unaccountable nights after leaving office, especailly I was so young at that time. The progress on this project was really slow untill I finally decided to work for my dream not for bosses any more. Based on the very good infrastructure in those slow times, I spent almost 3 months on this project with fulltime. Though there are still lots of features to be added, I think it's good enough to be on production now.

As you can see from the web address, this project is for those rational persons who want to use data to do rational decisons.

I get lots of people and someone that I never met before to thanks.

I'd like to thank my mother and wife at first, thanks for their understanding for my strong personality and lazy habit on life. I even never got a present for them on any festivals or birthday. Thanks for my wife's cooking everyday and their encourage for this project. I owed them a lot.

I also would like thanks one of my old friend, @Tong. I talked to her about this project when I was young boy, but it finally comes to production when I'm so close to 30 years old. There were quite lots of times she asked me about the progress of this project, and I got lots of excuses to for the slow progress. I just cannot forget those promises and finally made the decision to live on my style. Now, I'm very exciting to show this page to her in a near future.

Finally, I'd like to thanks all those friends who played with me, grew with me and dreaming with me. Thanks for your trust on me, thanks for your accompany.

Thanks for those people that I never met for their contribution on open source projects

Without their contribution on open source projects, I will never finish those features that I desired to have long ago. I really appeciate for you guys even though I don't know your names. Thanks!

  • Javascript Really nice language, so flexible and so powerful. I like you more than any other languages. Simple is the best, I think even the designer didn't predicate the large influence on internet.
  • NodeJS Thanks for the genius that wrote V8 and Node. I never feel so much happiness to write FE and BE at the same time with same code style.
  • Mongo Just as flexible as javascript. Fuck the regulations!
  • AngularJs When you were born, you light the world of web applications.
  • Lodash You're small, you're so cool. You makes data calcualtion looks like a magic.
  • Jquery Before you were born, DOM operations was a lightmare for most of developers.
  • Bootstrap You provide a really UI good standard for web developers. You help really a lot to reduce the troublesome styles.
  • Fontawesome How you can provide some many wonderful icons?! Like your name, awesome!
  • Webpack Without you, I really cannot manage those huge mount of js files.
  • ChartJs You look like a lovely girl. High efficiency and powerful.
  • Moment Dates operation never looks so easy before you were born.
  • ExpressJS With you, BE side becomes so easy.
  • Q How charming you are to run the processes!
  • Mongodb The best bridge for mongo connections.
  • Npm A really good tool for node packages management.
  • Grunt Without you, I cannot manage all those tasks.
  • Sublime You're so fast and so powerful, you becomes my favourite editors.
  • Mocha A very good js unit test framework.
  • Sass I used to have this idea before to write css in this way, and then you provided a perfect solution.
  • Chrome The best browser in this world with best web developer tool. Without you, I cannot finish all the debugging work.

There are still a lot of open source projects that I want to list here, but that would be too much.

  • They're set of projects of grunt, like grunt-watch, grunt-copy, grunt-clean, gurnt-jshint, gurnt-concurrent, grunt-nodemon, grunt-uglify...
  • They're set of plugins of Angular, like angular-transalte, angular-ui-router, angular-progress-bar, angular-bootstrap, restangular...
  • They're set of packages of npm, like jade, body-parser, compression, express-validator, pem, jsonwebtoken, request, icon-lite...
  • They're set of great tools, like nodemon, jasmine, phantomJs, karam...
  • and there are still a lot of them to thanks...